Thursday, July 25, 2013

20 weeks

 (Somehow this is the best picture we got this week!? 
Try and look past the crazy windy beach hair)

How Far Along: 20 Weeks (I am 21 weeks today, so this is my 20 week update)

Size of Baby: According to our big ultrasound we had yesterday, baby Everett weighs 1 whole pound and is measuring about 10 inches long from head to toe!

Maternity Clothes: Same.

Movement: Yes, yes, yes! Love feeling my little man move. He has been quite the little wiggle worm this past week. On Monday night I felt him for the first time from the outside and ran over to Russ as fast as I could in case he moved again. Sure enough, he kept moving for his daddy and Russ was able to feel him for the first time :)

Sleep: Same.

What I Miss:
Can’t really think of anything.   

What I’m looking forward to:
I’m starting prenatal Pilates tomorrow and I’m really excited about that!

Cravings: I’ve been craving chocolate a lot lately… but the past few days I haven’t really wanted to think about food at all. I came down with a yucky 24 hour stomach bug late Monday night so that wasn’t very fun. I learned that throwing up and having a 100 degree fever feels a lot worse when you’re 5 months preggo!

Symptoms: My only new symptom would be serious “pregnancy brain”... ha! People aren’t kidding when they tell you the baby takes your brain. I cannot remember anything and I get tongue tied all.the.time. I can’t imagine how crazy I will sound a few months from now. Other than that, just a growing tummy and growing lil baby! 

Best Moment of the Week: Our anatomy scan yesterday!!! Goodness it was so amazing. I was trying really hard to not be nervous about it, but I know how big of a scan it is and they literally check for everything imaginable so it was definitely a challenge to stay calm. Russ and I prayed a lot this past week leading up to it and I really did have a peace going into the appointment. I kept reminding myself (well, mainly Russ kept reminding me) that the Lord has our sweet baby in the palm of His hands and that He is sovereign over every single detail of his development. We had the sweetest ultrasound technician and she talked to us the entire time (which was almost 45 mins) telling us everything she was looking for. We got to see his brain, the 4 chambers of his heart, his spine, kidneys, stomach, ten fingers, his lips, nose, etc. It blows my mind that we have the technology to see these things! Russ and I were truly in awe the entire time. I kept saying “thank you Lord” each time she would say “he looks perfect!” We just feel so incredibly blessed to have a healthy little boy in there. He was so stinking precious during the ultrasound! He was moving all around… he did a few flips for us, rubbed his little eyes, and even waved. I could have stared at him on that big screen all day long. His little side profile melts my heart in a way I can’t even describe. I cant wait to kiss all over him when he is here!

Random Facts: The Tomlinsons have a beach house in Litchfield so we went down for the weekend to catch the end of their beach trip. Work is super busy for Russ so we weren’t able to go for the whole week with everyone else, but it was still really nice to get away for a few days. We enjoyed a day at the beach and pool, lots of fun family card games, playing with little Sam (the baby of the family and our precious little ring bearer), feeding the ducks, and a yummy dinner at one of our favorites... Frank’s Outback!

Now for lots of pictures!! First up... a few from our ultrasound yesterday

sweet baby Everett

 sweetest side profile that there ever was!

"Hi Mom! Hi Dad!"

high five!

And here are a few pictures from this past weekend at the beach...


  1. becca! what a pretty pregnant lady you are!

    1. You are too sweet... thank you! PS. This is my first time replying to blog comment... lets hope I did it right!

  2. I can't believe he held his hand up so perfectly like that! you know how much we'd be dying if we could see that hand in true life right now because of how TINY it is right now. OMG! And, I love the beach pictures. So beautiful! you look great! :) Love you, peach! And you, peanut!

    1. Yesss we would seriously die. SO TINY! Me and peanut love you! xo