Saturday, July 6, 2013

pregnancy update

As most of you know, Russ and I are expecting a sweet baby BOY in early December. We seriously could not be more thrilled. We are naming him after his daddy... Russell Everett Tomlinson Jr. and will call him Everett. Up until last week, he was just "peanut" to us and our family and friends, and we are SO glad to finally call him by name! We were still undecided on a girl name, but have known for a while that whenever the Lord blessed us with a baby boy we would name him Everett. I have loved that name for as long as I can remember... long before I even knew Russ! I remember the day he told me his full name and I'm pretty sure I jokingly said something like "Oh well I definitely have to marry you now because that is what I am naming my son one day!" Ha! Talk about being a little forward ;)

I wanted to write a little pregnancy recap post and then I plan to post weekly (or every other week) updates so I can keep track. Up until now, I have been documenting everything week-by-week in a little journal and I am really excited to start sharing on here now for our family and friends to follow along. I was 18 weeks on Thursday (almost half way there!!) So... here is a super quick summary up until now.

We found out we were expecting at the very end of March and we shared the big news with our parents within that first week and then told our siblings a week or two later. Braden is a teacher and it was her spring break so we had to wait until she got back from her cruise to be able to tell our siblings. I was SO impatient waiting on her to get back!! I almost told her on the phone a million times but I made myself wait until I could tell her in person! I took a cute picture of Drake (our black lab) with a sign over him that said "I am going to be a big brother!!" and that is how we told Russ's family. We are those people who are obsessed with our dog and our families treat him like our child too so I knew it would be a fun way to announce to them. For Braden, I wrote a really cheesy poem and gave it to her along with a children's book that is called "What Aunts do Best". It was so fun telling her this way because she collects children's books (for her classroom library) so at first when I handed her the book she thought nothing of it. Once she opened it and read about halfway through the little poem she completely lost it! It was such a special moment I will never forget. I love my sissy so much! Once our close families knew, we were so excited and wanted to share the big news with everyone but felt like we should wait until I was at least 10 weeks before we announced to the world. If you know me, you know that I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets. It was the hardest thing ever keeping my mouth shut!

My pregnancy recap so far... let's just say that I have been extremely blessed! My mom was super sick with both Braden and I so I just always assumed I would have horrible morning sickness. I started feeling nauseous around week 6 but it seriously only lasted a week and a half. I lost my appetite completely but never actually got sick. I was so thankful (and a little surprised) when the nausea went away, and know that I am super lucky that I wasn't more sick. I have had my fair share of other strange pregnancy symptoms, but I truly can't complain because I would take every symptom in the book over being so sick for months. I know even the worst of sickness and symptoms are 100% worth it for our sweet little one! Like I mentioned before... I lost my appetite and my taste buds completely changed a few weeks into the pregnancy so I didn't gain any weight my whole first trimester. I was still eating and taking my prenatal vitamins but I just couldn't eat a whole lot. I was a little worried about the lack of weight gain, but my OB assured me that it is very common. As soon as I got out of my first trimester I began gaining weight and now I keep joking that I am making up for lost time because now I hungry all.the.time.

Other symptoms I have experienced... fatigue (especially early on, I would get SO tired), headaches, random dizzy spells, pregnancy rhinitis (basically it just means that I am super congested and stopped up due to all the changes in my body and increased blood and fluids), bloating, some cramping, and a few other things that are probably tmi for this blog ;) The congestion has been the strangest and most random symptom even though I hear it is actually pretty common. This week I was telling Russ that I read about it and I thought it was SO cool how God designed it so that the lining in my nose would swell to protect me and the baby against more germs and sickness. How cool is that? I've tried thanking the Lord this week for my serious stuffy nose because He perfectly designed it to protect me. That blows my mind! Reading and learning about all the changes my body is making during this pregnancy seriously puts me more and more in awe with my Creator... such an intricate God. It humbles me daily to be carrying one of His precious miracles. So, overall I have been extremely blessed to have had a very smooth pregnancy so far. I am so incredibly thankful for good health.

Ok, this is getting to be really long! I will post another preggo update soon as well as share the story of our "gender dinner" that we had with our families to tell them that it is a BOY! It was such a special night and I am excited to write about that. If you are anything like me, a blog post isn't really all that fun unless it has pictures. So, here are a few from the past several months...

the Lord has blessed us with a BABY!

our sweet boy with his "i'm not so sure about this" look, ha!

4 weeks pregnant.
My very first "bump picture" just a few days after we found out!

12 weeks pregnant.
We took this one after our 12 week appointment when we heard 
his heart beat for the first time on the doppler. His heart rate was 162.
 I still didnt have a bump at this point, so I decided to wear stripes and pretend ;) 

I'ts a BOY! 
Russell Everett Tomlinson Jr. 
(I posted on Facebook and Instagram that we were excited 
to find out if we would be buying baseballs or bows, so we kept
the little theme up and took an impromtu cell phone pic with an old
baseball I found in Russ's truck. Baseball has always been a huge part of 
Russ's life. He pitched at the College of Charleston and has such a passion
for the sport. I cant wait to see if sweet baby Everett follows in his daddy's
footsteps! We will love and support  him no matter what he decides to do!)


  1. Could you BE MORE perfect! Love you, Peach! and little Peanut! ;)

    1. Oh, hush. I only post the cute pics... you know what I look like most days ;)