Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello and welcome to Love Laundry! This is my new little online space to share about our growing family and all that the Lord is teaching me.  With a baby on the way I hope to document this exciting season for our family and also share a bunch of other random things that I am passionate about. I don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to blogging, but I am willing to give it another shot because I know that I will be so thankful to have these memories recorded one day!

If you are wondering what the heck "Love Laundry" means, you can click on the tab at the top to read the story :) Oh, and I can’t end this first blog post without thanking the girl behind the blog… my best friend Cat! I told her for months that I barely keep up with my photography blog so I couldn't possibly have a personal blog too because I would probably never post on it! Well, as soon as we found out we were having a baby, she encouraged me to at least give it a shot because she loves getting to go back through her blog and read about her pregnancies with her two little ones! It inspired me to start documenting our life, but I didn't have any ideas for a blog design or any of that.  Well, because shes ridiculously talented and super awesome (and sneaky), she surprised me with this beautiful blog design for my birthday! She knows me too well because once I saw it I immediately fell in love and decided there was no way I could possibly let this pretty blog go to waste!

So there you have it. A new blog! I still have my photography website, Becca Tomlinson Photography, as well as my online print shop website, Sacred Made, but this will be a place for me to talk about business and non-business related things! I’m excited to start writing and I hope you will enjoy reading!

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