Saturday, August 3, 2013

gender dinner

I’ve been meaning to write about this special night for quite some time now so here it goes! I definitely want to have all the details written down and recorded before I forget. (Which will probably be soon at the rate I’m at with this crazy preggo brain).  I don’t really know if “Gender Dinner” is a real term, but I jokingly said it one day and I thought it sounded pretty fun so I stuck with it. Try saying it 3 times really fast ;)

On Thursday June 27th at 5:30 pm I met Russ after work at a little ultrasound place in Summerville. I was exactly 17 weeks that day. My OB does an ultrasound at 8 weeks and then again at 20 weeks but unless there are any complications, you don’t get anymore. Which means that you have to wait until your big  anatomy scan at 20 weeks to find out the gender. I have had several friends find out “early” so after talking with a few of them I learned about these ultrasound places that exist just for this very reason… “entertainment ultrasounds” if you will! Ultrasounds at the doctor are a pretty penny, but these little places are very reasonable. All I had to do was convince Russ that it wasn’t “sketchy” and that if they weren’t 100% accurate they would tell us. He was determined they would tell us the wrong thing, but the lady assured me that out of 150,000 ultrasounds they have only had 4 misreadings so I figured our odds were pretty good! Once he was on board I booked our appointment and started counting down the days.

I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I’m pretty sure it  was the longest day of my life waiting for 5:30 to come. I did as instructed and ate an apple and drank a little bit of orange juice 20 minutes before hand so that our little one would be moving around and hopefully give us a good view of what we were looking for! It only took a few seconds for Russ and I to see that we were in fact having a baby BOY! I was so overcome with emotion that I just started crying immediately. It was the first time we had actually seen our baby because at our 8 week ultrasound he was just a tiny little “blob” if you will. It was so surreal seeing a tiny little human up on that screen. He was so precious. We could see his tiny hands and he even gave us a thumbs up at one point. It was amazing. I kept saying “We knew it! We knew it!” and just being over the top excited and emotional. I think Russ was still in disbelief, but after a few minutes it began to sink in and we were both just so full of joy we didn’t even know what to do!

The next day was Russ’s 26th birthday so we planned to meet together with our families halfway from Columbia to Charleston to have a birthday celebration for Russ along with our big gender reveal! We purposefully scheduled the gender ultrasound the day before our announcement because we both knew that 24 hours was the absolute longest I would be able to keep my mouth shut! (Once again, I hate secrets). We had our parents, siblings, and both of our best friends there for the dinner. It was extra special to have Reilly there (my bff) because she has lived in Texas for the past two years and just moved to California. She happened to be in town for 2 weeks during our gender dinner and I was SO excited that she got to be there for it! I brainstormed for weeks on how we should tell our families, and decided to do something low key but still fun. My friend Paige helped me come up with a little game for everyone to play and I love how it turned out!

So, this is what I did… I bought a pack of newborn diapers and put little notes in all of them that said things like “try another diaper” and “keep looking.” Then one of the diapers said “You’re almost there look under your chair!” I randomly passed out the diapers and everyone had to go around one by one and open their diaper and read it out loud. Everyone thought that a diaper was going to announce the gender but there was one extra step in there to throw them off. Before the dinner started, Russ and I taped a big sign that said “IT’S A BOY” under the bottom of a random chair. We had no idea who would get the lucky diaper so everyone would have to look under their chair until someone found it.  Stories are always more fun with pictures so here is how it all played out...

This was my basket of diapers

I can't even handle how tiny these are. Had to get a size comparison with my iPhone.  

What most of the diapers said...

 The lucky diaper!
   I printed out some pictures from our ultrasound and put them in
this little album for everyone to pass around after we announced!

 And the game begins...

Sis getting a lil anxious!

No one got the lucky diaper the first time around... here we go again!

Mom so excited about the game she can hardly stand it

She must have thought this one was the lucky one!

Still no lucky diaper... anticipation builds...

Finally! Ashley opens the lucky diaper! Then everyone looks at me confused...

Russ and I tell everyone to do what it said and look under their chairs!
(Mom starts to panic, ha!)

Everyone checking under their chairs...

Here it comes...

My sweet Daddy got the lucky chair!

I was so excited that I stopped snapping when he actually pulled the paper off. The picture above was a minute or two later, but his real reaction was PRICELESS. He lifted the sign up in the air and did a double fist pump. Then he proceeded to get up out of his chair and proudly show off the sign to the entire restaurant. It was hilarious! Everyone was so excited and we had a great time celebrating the rest of the night with those that we love most!

 Reilly, Ashley, Jake, Braden, & Jason
 The Tomlinsons
 The Hancocks
Aunt Bray Bray

The proud parents-to-be of a sweet baby BOY!


  1. Oh my goodness! I've already heard this story and I got chill bumps (twice) and cried. ha ha! I love y'all! :)