Tuesday, August 6, 2013

life according to my iphone

I've posted most of these pictures on my Instagram, but for those that don't do Instagram
here is a little glimpse into the past few months according to my iphone camera roll...

1. 20 week bump
2. my favorite (and most helpful) way to memorize Scripture. Write out the first letter of each word in the verse and tape the little "code" to your fridge, computer, mirror or somewhere you'll see it often. You can seriously have any verse memorized in no time!
3. lemons- the produce aisle will never be the same after my weekly fruit/baby updates I recieve
4. pickles- the cliche craving is true... I couldn't get enough of these early on
5. sunset boat ride for father's day weekend with the fam
6. Drake- my whole heart! So obsessed with him
7. just working on some "love laundry" ;)
8. some "mommy mix" that Reilly made for me. She knows the way to my heart!
9. how I spend a lot of my days lately... editing sessions in my pjs!
10. choclate milk. gotta have it.
11. taking Drake to one of his many vet appointments after his intense leg surgery. So glad to be finished with those!
12. taco bell- yes, I did. Judge away.
13. that time Russ wore his camo Crocs in public... to dinner...
14. our wedding cake for our 1st anniversary!
15. pajamas- sent this one to my friend who is also pregnant and was feeling bad after seeing a picture of me in normal clothes looking "so cute and preggo" as she said. I told her that this was my reality... it was 3pm and I was in Christmas penguin pajama pants that I have had since 8th grade. Some days, thats just my reality.
16. trying a new green smoothie recipe
17. a pizza date and stroll along the water with my studly hubs. love that man.
18. baby registering!!! a wild and crazy Friday night for the Tomlinsons ;)
19. Everett's changing table being transformed!
20. me and sista pants out on the boat
21. me and the bump at prenatal pilates about to get our work out on!

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