Thursday, September 5, 2013

26 weeks

Everett's first visit to Williams Brice for the USC vs UNC game!
How Far Along: 26 Weeks... 6.5 months pregnant!

Size of Baby: He should be about 15 inches long from head to toe and a little over 2 lbs. now

Maternity Clothes: Same. Still wearing my maternity jeans, shorts, and dresses but I pretty much live in my stretchy work out pants and tops unless we are going somewhere. I bought a few new maternity things from Target this week and I'm excited for cooler weather to wear those!

Movement: About two weeks ago I felt him really "drop" and I am now carrying him much lower. I didn't expect this to happen until much later but it happened around 25 weeks. For about a week, his movements seemed much more faint and in different areas but this past week they have been back to normal and stronger than ever. I don't think this little wiggle worm ever stops moving! I can tell how much he is growing by how strong and intense his movements are... he makes my whole stomach move around like crazy!

Sleep: It is starting to get much harder to get comfortable and I am waking up a lot during the night. I think it is finally time for a preggo pillow.

What I Miss: Lately I have realized how much I miss doing everyday things with ease! This might sound silly, but I have finally reached that "awkward" stage in pregancy where normal everyday tasks are a little difficult/awkward. For example, getting up off the couch. It used to be effortless but now I have to really maneuver myself around to get up, ha! I normally just ask Russ to pull me up :) Also, things like shaving my legs, picking stuff up off the floor, and just cleaning the house in general takes a little more time and effort than usual. Everything is just a a bit awkward with a baby bump in the way!

What I’m looking forward to:  Fall weather, more Carolina football, my first baby shower coming up in 2 weeks, and meeting our sweet baby boy in less than 100 days!

Cravings: Hmm... chocolate chip cookies, Bonefish, PB&Js, & salads with ranch dressing.

Symptoms: I have been pretty tired lately along with a few new symptoms. Ever since he moved positions/grew/whatever he did I have felt a lot of pressure which doesn't hurt but isn't super comfortable. Still some lower back pain and a few dizzy spells and stomach issues the past couple of weeks. I'm starting to get some fun ones ;)

Best Moment of the Week: We went to the Carolina game last Thursday and despite the fact that it was 95 degrees outside at kickoff (with a heat index of 102) it was still really fun. I would be lying if I didn't say that I was miserably hot and pretty uncomfortable, but I toughed it out for my love of Gamecock football and lasted until halfway through the third quarter. I am not kidding when I say that Everett moved around the ENTIRE time we were in Williams Brice. I don't know if it was all the noise in the stadium or my excitement rubbing off on him, but he was nonstop the whole time! I have been going to Carolina football games since I was in my mommy's tummy so it was cool to think about carrying my own baby during the game on Thursday. We are slightly obsessed with Carolina football and we can't wait to introduce little Everett to our love for the Gamecocks. Just this week my mom bought him his first Carolina onesie and my dad bought him some Gamecock pacifiers :)

Random Facts: I have 2 apps on my iPhone that I've really enjoyed during my pregnancy. One is the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" app that follows along with the book and the other is just a random Pampers app called "Hello, Baby." The Hello, Baby app shows cool pictures each week and gives little facts as well. I wanted to include some of those pictures here because it seriously BLOWS MY MIND to think about this little life growing inside of me. I mean, I truly cannot fathom how someone can not believe in God after seeing the miracle of life being formed. Everett can hear our voices (and they say he has probably started recognizing our voices now) AND his eyes officially opened this week! So amazing. 

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