Thursday, September 12, 2013

a prayer for everett

 My precious son, I pray there’s not a day you can remember not knowing Jesus.

That you understand your need for a Savior at an early age, and
experience the freedom that comes from giving your life to Him.

 I pray that praise would be in your heart and on your lips continually.

I pray that you would know who you are in light of the Gospel.
That you would have a Christ-centered confidence and Christ-centered worth.

I pray that you would hate sin and love holiness. That you would know the power of the blood
to defeat all the works of the one who came to kill, steal, and destroy.

  I pray that you would develop relationships based on the drawing of the Holy Spirit.

That you would love the word of God and that you would seek to understand it, hide it in your heart, and base your life on it.

I pray that you will love others well. That you would have a servants heart
and a desire for your life to be used for something greater than yourself.

Everett, you are a child of the King. A beloved son of God.
All of these things I pray in His holy name.

*The pictures were taken by my husband & edited by me.  The prayer is paraphrased from Sylvia Gunter & Anne Marie Musgrove*
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  1. Absolutely stunning and breath-taking in every way. The pictures and the prayer. I also pray Everett could comprehend just an ounce of the boundless love his parents have for him, for he is blessed beyond belief! XOXO