Thursday, November 7, 2013


Three weeks ago Russ and I headed to the mountains of North Carolina for a little "babymoon." I had never even heard of this term until I got pregnant, ha! We weren't able to go on an anniversary trip this past year so we had been talking for a while about wanting to plan a short little getaway in the fall before the baby comes. Russ and I both love the mountains, and it was such a perfect time to head that way with the weather cooling down and the leaves starting to change colors. It was really beautiful and although it was just a quick two day trip, it was very restful and relaxing. Something about the mountain air just makes you slow down. We went apple picking, ate some yummy food (including Cracker Barrel breakfast at 10pm one night), and went hiking to see some gorgeous waterfalls. I am not even going to pretend for a minute that the whole "hiking to see some gorgeous waterfalls" part was some fairy tale. In fact, my almost-34-weeks pregnant self complained the entire time and thought I might never make it to the top. At one point, Russ literally had to PUSH me up the trail. We *thought* the trail would be easy for me and not too steep, but we weren't so right. We got a lot of stares and "Woah, take it easy there" and "Oh honey, you are braver than me" type comments from every.single.person. we passed on our way up. It is pretty funny to look back on now, but at the time I wasn't laughing much. Instead I was saying screaming things like, "RUSS TOMLINSON if I go into labor on this mountain I will kill you!" and "RUSS! Don't let go of my hand! What if I can't make it?!" and "RUSS! Maybe we should turn around!?" The majority of the trail was flat, but the parts that weren't were a straight vertical incline. In reality, I was probably being a little dramatic. Regardless, we made it to the top and the views truly took your breath away... Or maybe that was just because I was so winded from the hike. Either way, it was pretty breathtaking, ha! 

I am so ridiculously blessed to be married to a man who constantly makes me laugh, understands me like no one else in this world, teaches me how to truly appreciate God's beautiful creation, and loves me in a way I can't even put into words. We are far from having a perfect marriage and we definitely know how to argue, but at the end of every day I really do love him more than I did the day before. I never understood what people meant when they described their spouses "loving them like Jesus does" until I met Russ. Through the gift of having Russ as my husband, the Lord has taught me so much about His selfless and unconditional love. It is such an incredible blessing to experience the love of Christ in a tangible way through the way Russ loves me... especially when I am being a huge brat, a crazy hormonal preggo, or just plain mean. Despite all of the nasty sin in my heart, Jesus still loves me. As hard as that is to wrap my brain around some days, Russ always helps me see a glimpse of Christ's heart when he chooses to forgive me and love me through my worst moments and days. I am so undeserving to call him my husband and Everett is so insanely lucky he gets to call him Daddy!

Now for some pictures :) First up, apple picking! 
Russ and his favorites... Granny Smith!
Pink Lady apples... my favorites!
The tiniest baby apple
I have a small obsession with teeny tiny things
The famous apple cider donuts... Luckily I snapped this
picture before Russ finished off the last one. SO delicious!
Now for some pics at DuPont Forest and waterfalls
At the first waterfall
 I have never met someone who loves the outdoors as much
as Russ does. I really think he would live outside if I would let him.  
This is probably him laughing at me and
telling me to stop taking pictures already. 
I call this my "I'm REALLY pregnant and hiking to see waterfalls" face/pose
And... this was the second waterfall we hiked to... aka, the one where you had to
hike up this straight vertical incline. I promise, the pictures don't do justice, ha! 
Taking breaks on the way up and making sure Russ
gets plenty of pictures to document my bravery ;)
A few more pictures attempting to show the steepness!

The waterfalls drop 150 feet...pretty awesome stuff!
Russ decided to go exploring in some stream on our way back down
And he is completely over taking pictures by this point.
That's okay... you're still super handsome when you look off to the side like this ;)
One last bump pic for good measure...
Almost 34 weeks when this was taken 

So grateful for this time away and the memories we made.

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  1. You are too cute!!! I love all of these pictures. I am obsessed with apples and would love to go picking but haven't in yearsssss. Pink Lady is my fave!