Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2 months

I am a few days behind on posting, but Everett turned 2 months old last Thursday! He has changed SO much over the last month I don’t even know where to begin! He continues to be a BIG boy… weighing almost 14 lbs and measuring 25 inches long. He is in the 81st percentile for weight and the 99th percentile for height. I can’t believe how tall he is! He is wearing some 0-3 month clothes but mostly just 3 month stuff now. He is so long that we keep outgrowing outfits!

I guess I will start with what was probably the most exciting thing about this past month… Everett learned to smile! We have been getting little milk coma and sleepy smiles since he was born but we officially got some intentional smiles this past month and OH MY WORD there isn’t anything sweeter in the whole world! I swear I melt every.single.time he smiles. Ya’ll should see the crazy things Russ and I do to get some smiles out of him… we look like complete fools but it is absolutely worth it. He had just woken up from a nap when we took his monthly picture so we couldn’t get a smile for the picture. Maybe next month! Oh, and he LAUGHED this month too. We were totally not expecting that for several more weeks but he surprised us one night just after Russ had walked in the door from work. We were both in shock and crying happy tears because we couldn’t get over how stinkin precious it was. I was taking a video of him on my phone because he was extra smiley and then out of nowhere he started giggling and I captured it on video!! I posted it to Instagram, but I don't know how to share videos on here. He has only giggled a few more times since then but when he does my heart almost explodes because of the pure sweetness of the sound and the way his little eyes and nose scrunch up. (Don’t worry, we aren’t proud parents or anything, HA!) We love watching his personality develop and every day he makes a new face or does something that melts us all over again!

He still has really strong neck strength and will hold his head up for a pretty long time before getting tired. He loves to sit up on our laps and look around and follow objects. He also decided this month that he LOVES the ceiling fan. Lay that boy on the bed and turn the ceiling fan on and he is the happiest baby on the block! He will kick his legs and wave his arms all around in excitement. He also loves staring at his mobile and all the fun animals on his activity mat. He is still an extremely alert baby. He loves when Daddy gets home and plays with him before dinner and bed time. He still loves music, reading books, and being sung to. Another favorite time of the day is late night snuggles and worship with Mommy & Daddy. We love singing worship songs to him and praising Jesus for the gift of his life. I usually cry because I am still in awe that God, in His infinite love, entrusted Everett to us.

Other random facts… he is completely addicted to his paci and we are really super thankful for this! It calms him down and helps him sleep and I really don’t know how parents make it with babies who don’t take a paci. He loves that thing! If he doesn’t have his paci he will start sucking on his fists and trying to eat his hands, haha! He still loves being carried in my sling and really just being close to Mommy in general. He loves to cuddle and take naps with me and immediately relaxes anytime he is on my chest. He is so sweet and I just want to breathe him in and hold him forever. He takes plenty of naps in his crib too, but usually the morning naps are spent snuggled up together :) He has turned into a tummy sleeper and sleeps so much better on his stomach.

He still eats every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-6 hours at night. I know that sounds like a big range but each night is different. I breastfeed on demand so we aren’t on a very rigid feeding schedule... I just nurse him whenever he is hungry. Lately he has been going 5-7 hours between feedings at night which has been awesome for the extra sleep!

My mom signed Everett and me for an infant massage class that is once a week for 3 weeks and he loves it! I was a little skeptical at first, but after having tons of other moms tell me it was such a wonderful experience for them, we decided to give it a shot. A retired nurse has been teaching the class for over 15 years and there are 8 other mommies with 8 baby boys in our class (all about the same age, give or take a few weeks.) It's funny that it turned out to be a class full of boys!  Basically we learn different ways to massage our babies to help them relax and also to help with gas pains or colic. It is a really special way to bond with your baby and Everett loves it! I have also really enjoyed meeting other moms that are in the same stage as we are. It has been very helpful to learn things from each other. 

Now for the not-so-good part of the past month… Everett’s tummy issues :(  I could write an entire blog post on this topic and I probably will at some point because reading other mom’s blogs about this topic has been so beneficial to me. When Everett was about 5 weeks old I noticed he was starting to get a lot fussier and seemed unusually uncomfortable. He would pull his little legs up like his tummy was hurting and infant gas drops weren’t really doing the trick. Right about the same time his diapers started to look different as well. Without getting into too many details, his stools had changed color and consistency. My best friend from high school has a little boy who is 6 weeks older than Everett and he also experienced this around 5 weeks of age. He was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and my friend was put on a strict no dairy diet. Thankfully, because of her experience, I knew what to look for but I was still hoping that this was not what was going on with Everett. All signs and symptoms were pointing in that direction so we went to the pediatrician and had him checked out and had some diapers tested as well. After being assessed, Everett was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and I, too, was placed on a very strict no diary diet. We started to notice some improvements around day 10 but we still aren’t 100% back to normal yet so I am starting a more strict elimination diet this week because there is most likely an additional allergy as well. The top 6 allergens in infants are dairy, soy, wheat, beef, fish, & nuts. Dairy and soy are literally in EVERYTHING so I have had to completely change my diet in order to get the allergens out of my breast milk and out of both mine and Everett’s systems. Our pediatrician thinks that he will most likely outgrow the allergy between 4 months and 1 year of age so I will start introducing foods back into my diet around 4-5 months and we will see how he does. This coming Friday will be 4 weeks of no diary and it has definitely been one of the hardest things I have ever done, but getting my sweet baby boy healthy and feeling better is totally worth it. The Lord has been teaching me SO much through all of this. It might sound silly but sacrificing nearly every single thing I was used to eating has taught me so much about being selfless and practicing discipline. Overall, Everett is doing much better and doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable anymore and is much happier all around. Thankfully there are no long term effects of the allergy and it is actually fairly common these days. Our pediatrician highly encourages moms to continue breastfeeding through the allergy rather than switching to an allergen free formula because of all the antibodies and a million other amazing benefits to breastfeeding. Like I said before, I could write an entire post about this so I’ll go ahead and stop here!

I have so many blog posts floating around in my head that I want to share but it is incredibly hard to find time to write. I also have a lot of pictures I want to post. I hope to start blogging more in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, I post a good amount of pictures on Instagram since that is the quickest and easiest way for me to capture our days. My username is bhtomlinson if you want to follow along there!

Everett, my precious little love, you continue to be such a joy to your Daddy and me. You bring us so much happiness and we can’t imagine life without you! As much as I want to freeze time and keep you little forever, I absolutely adore watching you grow and develop into your own little person. You are absolutely the most precious thing I have ever laid my eyes on and I promise to never stop loving you with every ounce of my heart. I pray that you see, hear, and experience the love of Jesus through the way your Daddy and I parent you. It is our deepest desire and prayer for your life that you would grow into a man who loves the Lord and serves Him with your whole heart. We pray that your life would bring Him honor and that He would use you in mighty ways for His Kingdom. We love you so much sweet angel.

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