Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 months

As usual, I am a few days late getting this posted... but better late than never, right!?  If you are keeping track you will notice that, yes, Everett did gain 2 POUNDS in 1 month (again!) He is growing at lightning speed I tell ya! Our little chunky monkey sure is a healthy one and we are so very thankful. He continues to be exclusively breastfed and I joke with Russ that I must be making whole milk or something... no skim or 2% here folks, haha! I am not exactly sure of his length at 3 months but I think he is probably an inch or two over 25. He is wearing 3-6 months clothes. Most of his 3 month onesies still fit but he has moved up to 6 month stuff in pajamas and pants because he is still so long!

In addition to growing like a weed, Everett has reached several new milestones this month as well. He now grabs and swats at his toys on his activity mat, sits up in his bumbo seat, & rolls from tummy to back! He smiles a ton (we caught a half smile for this month's picture) and still giggles if we really work for it. This month he really began pushing himself up during tummy time and holding his head up for several minutes. He eventually gets tired or frustrated and rolls to his back, but it's really neat to see how he gets stronger every single day. He holds his head up really well when sitting up, and kicks his legs like crazy anytime he is on his back. He is such a strong boy! You would think we won the lottery every time we see him do something new because we get so excited and proud :) Everett has pretty much been a momma's boy since he was born (considering I am with him all hours of the day) but this month he really started falling in love with his daddy! Russ was gone for 5 days on a trip and the two of them have pretty much been inseparable ever since Russ got back. They missed each other so bad, and I think E finally realized how much more fun daddy is ;) Seriously though, this boy L-O-V-E-S his daddy and could sit in his lap and watch baseball all day long if we let him!

He is still a very active and alert baby. He is always looking around the room to see what is going on. He loves to sit in your lap facing you and "talk" and smile. He makes new noises and faces every day, and each one melts me (especially when he poked his bottom lip out for the first time this month... I nearly died!) He also likes being read to and when you sing him songs. Aunt Bray Bray got him a precious book for Christmas that plays her voice and that is one of his favorites :)  I think that over half of his books are from Braden... perks to having a pre-K teacher for an aunt! Speaking of Aunt Bray Bray, we had two wonderful visits with her this month. Russ went out of town twice and so Braden came and stayed with us. She was such a huge help and we had so much fun. Plus, Everett really loves her a lot!

Everett continues to be a paci addict. He LOVES his paci more than anything and we are so grateful for it! If he doesn't have his paci in his mouth he will be sucking on his hands or fingers. He also still loves listening to music. It instantly calms him. When I rock him to sleep for his naps I have a a little playlist on my iPad that I play for him and I leave it going during his nap. He sleeps so much longer with the music going, he loves it. He takes most of his naps during the day in his crib with an occasional nap snuggled up with mommy somewhere. He is still a tummy sleeper.  I am still dairy, soy, gluten, beef, fish, and nut free for E's allergy & food intolerance but plan to start introducing some things back soon to see if he has outgrown it yet. He has improved a ton! He is eating every 2-3 hours during the day and every 4-6 hours at night. Depending on what time he goes down for the night, he usually only wakes up once in the night to eat and sometimes he wont wake to eat until 5 or 6am. Every night is different and we are okay with that! He sleeps in the room with us at night to make night feedings easier, plus we aren't quite ready for the transition to the nursery yet.

I don't know how I haven't ever mentioned this on the blog before but another favorite thing Everett and I do is have weekly play dates with my friend Mary and her little girl Alice. Everett and Alice were born 25 hours apart from each other and just right down the hall! Mary and I were sorority sisters together at USC (pi love, woohoo!) and just so happened to have due dates 7 days apart from each other. We went to the same practice and always joked during our pregnancies about how cool it would be if we actually delivered on the same day... and then it really happened! We pretty much feel like we have been to war and back together after all we have shared and experienced through pregnancy, delivery, and learning to be mommies. The first few weeks of mommy-hood were some of the hardest days of my life, (blog post on that coming soon) and I am so thankful to have had Mary to walk through it all with. I can't imagine not having someone to text during middle-of-the-night feedings (because she was usually awake too), someone to literally just sit on the phone with me while I cried (usually for no reason at all... hellllo, hormones), and someone to ask a million questions to each day as we were both learning how to best care for our new tiny babies. Her friendship is truly one of my greatest blessings!

Everett, our sweet baby love, how are you already 3 months old!? The past 3 months seem to have gone by so quickly, yet we feel like we have known you forever. We cannot imagine our lives without you! You have the softest skin in the world and we just want to eat you up! We seriously can't get enough of you and your sweetness. You get more adorable every day and as much as it makes us sad to see you growing up so fast, we praise God that each day truly just gets better and better. You make us laugh with your precious faces and melt into a puddle with your eyes. We find ourselves saying all the time that, "we love you so much it hurts." It sounds crazy, but the love we have for you is something we can't even put into words. And to think that is just a teeny tiny fraction of how much God loves you. Perhaps one of our favorite things about parenthood has been getting to experience such a deep love for you and through that, having a mere glimpse of Christ's love for us. Such a loving Father we have. We pray every day that you will call Him yours. We love you precious one.

PS. I am writing this here to hold myself accountable to blog again SOON! I have a lot of stuff I want to get down in writing before I forget as well as some pics I want to share for our family & friends to see. So, with that said, I promise there will be more posts between now and his 4 month update :)

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