Thursday, March 20, 2014

a boy and his dog

As most of you know, we already had one baby before Everett was born. His name is Drake and he is a 5 year old black lab :) I have grown up with labs my entire life but I have never known a dog to be as sweet and calm as Drake. He is such a lover and we just knew he would be the best big brother to our babies one day.  Drake is an inside dog and besides the mounds of dog hair I have to constantly vacuum, I sometimes forget he is even inside because he never barks. I have literally never even heard my dog bark... Russ assures me that he barked as a puppy but I have yet to hear it. So many people have asked me how Drake has adjusted to having a baby in the house and it always catches me off guard because really nothing changed at all!

Drake was 100% Russ's baby before I got pregnant, but he quickly became my sidekick during my pregnancy. I kid you not, I think Drake sensed I was pregnant before I even knew it. I have heard people say this before and I honestly didn't believe them, but I am now a firm believer that dogs can sense this stuff. I don't know if it's all the hormone changes or what, but Drake became completely inseparable from me the second we found out I was pregnant with Everett. I would sit at my desk in my office at home and edit photo sessions and he would lay on my feet and sometimes try to fit his entire body under my desk. He would follow be to the bathroom, lay outside of the shower, and he stopped going downstairs with Russ in the mornings if I was still in bed. He literally never left my side and he never ever did stuff like this before I was pregnant, and I absolutely loved every second of it!

From the day we brought Everett home from the hospital Drake has wanted to be close to him. He sleeps in the nursery while Everett takes his naps (I often have to drag him out because his tail will hit something and wake E up), lays beside him on his play mat, usually comes running if he hears Everett cry, and always sits close by when I am nursing. Basically it is the sweetest thing ever!  I always snap pictures on my cell phone of Drake and Everett during the day and send them to Russ at work but for some reason I have never thought to post them. Last week my sweet friend Lauren asked how Drake does with E and I sent her some of the pictures I had of them and she told me it was so sweet and that I had to blog about this... so here it is :) Enjoy!

 Drake helping us announce our big news to some of our family

Putting the crib together... wondering what in the world was going on!?

 Poor thing with his broken leg and cast not so sure about the new crib

Never left my side during my two horrible stomach viruses during my pregnancy 

Checking out baby Everett's Jesus Storybook Bible

Letting Mommy practice her swaddling skills on him. Drake looks less than thrilled.
(Russ is also less than thrilled about this picture... he claims "I ruined his dog")

Drake starting to get sad about only a few weeks left to be the baby
(This is completely ridiculous, I am aware)

Dressed up in Russ's camo for Halloween... 
 I had to dress my dog up before I had a real baby to dress ;)

Helping set up our Christmas tree a week before Everett was born 

I took this picture on my due date...
Drake was thinking "Is my baby brother EVER gonna come out?"

He's here!!! Cuddling when E was 6 days old.

My view for all of our middle-of-the-night feedings

Sometimes Drake comes up really close and wants to lick Everett's head, and
this is how he looks at me when I tell him he cant interrupt us!

Supervising playtime 

He literally just stares at him like this and won't take his eyes off

Just two brothers hanging out

Drake sleeps upside down with his mouth open like this a lot. It cracks me up!
Everett says, "What in the world are you doing big bro!?"

Drake teaching Everett how to do tummy time

"There ya go little bro! Look at you lifting that head up! I'm so proud!"

So there you have it... a boy and his dog :)


  1. This is the SWEETEST THING EVER! OMG! I hate to say this, but I sometimes forget you have Drake! Ha ha! And this is so sweet. Makes my heart smile. :) i love y'all! and you too, Drake! ;)

  2. Seriously great how you followed that sweet dog and your son...

  3. the paci and your four legged family member... hysterical. i am so glad that our mutual friend Cat told me about your sweet blog. Glad to be a new follower so I can read about your sweet love for life and Jesus. I have heard so much about you :)

  4. oh and I forgot to mention... your picture and your story of sacred made is featured on my blog!! :)