Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 months

Well what do you know, Everett is almost 6 months and I haven't posted his 5 month update yet, ha! I think I get worse each month as far as getting his monthly updates up on the blog in time. We did take the picture and his stats when he was exactly 5 months so at least it is accurate :) It has been hard to find time to blog this past month (or shower and make myself lunch for that matter, ha!) so this one might be a little short.

Baby boy is almost 20 lbs and is wearing 6-9 month clothes. He actually has two pairs of 12 month outfits that fit him too! He is still sooo long and such a big boy. He is growing at lightning speed and is still topping the charts with his stats. Our little linebacker :)

He smiles all the time and his laugh still melts me into a puddle. Speaking of melting me... he started sucking his thumb this past month and there might not be a sweeter thing in the world. My mom tells me it wont be so adorable when he is 5, but for now, its pretty darn precious! He loves giving kisses, touching people's faces, and grabbing at anything you have in your hands. He is chewing on EVERYTHING and this month I noticed a teeny tiny white spec under the surface of his bottom gums. With all the drooling and chewing it is safe to say he is definitely teething. Not sure when these two teeth with break through but we are enjoying lots of frozen teething rings and chowing down on Sophie the giraffe all day every day while we wait! My parents bought him a jumperoo this month and he loves it! It took him 3 days of playing in it before he really started jumping, but now he goes crazy in that thing. He gets a little overstimulated if he is in it for too long but he enjoys it for 10-20 minutes at a time.

He is very attached to mommy and loves being rocked, held, and snuggled! He still LOVES bath time and had his first dip in the pool this past month too. He is definitely going to be a little water baby... he gets so relaxed in the water and never wants to get out. One of his favorite things to do lately is play with his bff Alice. My friend Mary and I try to get together once a week to hang out and let the babies "play." Up until lately they haven't ever really played, but they finally can't get enough of each other. We crack up watching them try to grab each others faces and eat each others hands. It's out of control adorable.

Everett is still exclusively breastfed and we are excited to introduce solids when he turns 6 months old. We're pretty sure that our big boy is going to love food! As far as sleep... wellll its a bit all over the place. Let's just say this momma is t-i-r-e-d! As hard as it is some (most) days, I am learning to trust Jesus that this is such a small season in the big scheme of things and be thankful that I have a baby to hold at night. I know that things could be so much worse so I am trying to stay positive about the sleep deprived state I am in!

I planned to blog about Everett's reflux issues that we ran into starting when he was about 3.5 months old but I haven't had a chance to write that post yet and probably won't get around to it so I will try and sum it up here.  We discovered that he has something called "silent reflux" which is hard to diagnose because he doesn't actually spit up excessively or projectile vomit like most babies with reflux. Instead, his reflux is "silent" and probably feels like extreme heartburn, indigestion, or burning in his throat. It is triggered the most when he lays flat on his back and while is he sleeping at night. After several weeks of him not wanting to be put down for naps (or really at all) I knew something wasn't right. He was so uncomfortable and would cry, arch his back, and fight me during all of his naps. A friend of mine had experienced silent reflux with one of her babies and mentioned it to me. At Everett's doctors appointment two days later, without me even mentioning it, our pediatrician told us he thought it was silent reflux as well. No momma wants to put her baby on medicine but after seeing my baby in pain I knew we had to do something. After talking through it, I knew that trying some reflux medicine was our best option. Everett's doctor is an amazing man of God and he always prays over him after each appointment. I was alone at this appointment (and exhausted, super emotional, and wanting answers for my miserable baby) and he prayed the most beautiful prayer over both of us after he examined Everett. He prayed for God's direction, wisdom, and clarity as his doctor and for Russ and I as his parents. He prayed healing over every part of Everett's body and he prayed that God use this tough season ultimately for His glory. To say we love our pediatrician might be an understatement! God was so gracious to provide us with a like-minded doctor for our son. We started on reflux medicine that night and continued on them for almost 3 weeks with out seeing much of a change. After 3 weeks we decided to try a different type of reflux medicine. The new medicine took about two weeks before we began to see improvement. Needless to say, the past several weeks have been an incredibly rough reason but the Lord has taught me so much during the long days and nights.  I wish I could say we have it all figured out and E is 100% better and sleeping like a champ but that isn't totally the case. We have definitely seen huge improvements on the medicine and he is MUCH happier and more comfortable, but his reflux still bothers him occasionally and sleeping hasn't improved much, but we have hope that one day soon it will!

Sweet boy, goodness sakes you are so loved! Although this has been a challenging few weeks, Mommy can't imagine spending her days any other way. You are such a happy little thing and we can't get enough of you and your precious personality. It is so much fun watching you grow and change although a part of us wants to keep you tiny forever. You have taught us so much about being selfless as we learn to put your needs above our own. We thank God for sanctifying us through being your momma and daddy. You are the most precious thing in the world. We love you so much sweet Russell Everett!

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