Thursday, July 24, 2014

7 months

As usual, here is our belated 7 month update! In the past few weeks since he turned 7 months, he has mastered crawling AND has started pulling up but I’ll save all that for his next month update. So here is a look at what Everett was up to from month 6 to 7!

Size: He gained exactly 1 pound from 6 to 7 months. He now weighs 20 lbs 12 ounces. I think he is still about 29 inches long… he wiggles so much when they measure him. He is now in size 4 diapers and still wearing mostly 6-12 month clothes.

Milestones: Everett mastered sitting up on his own over the past month and he is SO proud. He now hates when we have to lay him down to change his diaper or clothes because all he wants to do is sit up all.the.time. He thinks he is big stuff sitting like a big boy now! He also started learning to crawl. As of the day he turned 7 months he hadn’t quite figured it out but he could still scoot around and wiggle his way pretty much anywhere he wanted. Momma can’t turn her back for a second anymore! Also, his bottom two teeth are almost through and we will be SO thankful when they finally come through. Teething is for the birds!

Sleep: Can I just leave this one blank this month? Ha! With all of the increased mobility of him sitting up and learning to crawl came a flare up of his reflux. Add in teething and tons of extra drooling (which greatly effects reflux as well) and you’ve got a pretty bad combo for some r-o-u-g-h nights. Oh, and E had his first yucky cold/cough/sinus mess so that was thrown into the mix as well. Poor buddy... let’s just say this past month might have been our worst month so far in regards to sleep. Some (most) nights he wakes every 2 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less. We are back in newborn land over here. Or maybe we never got out of newborn land!? The only thing that comforts him and can get him back to sleep is his momma and nursing so we do a whole lot of cuddles in bed and a whole lot of praying for patience and grace. We just changed his reflux medicine, he started an antibiotic for the horrible congestion he can’t seem to get over, plus his teeth are super close to coming in, so with all of that we are hoping and praying for better nights in the near future! As I’ve said before, God continues to teach me so much through this season of sleeplessness. I will probably write a lot more about this when we are through the worst of it. I’ve realized that its sort of hard to write about the trenches when you’re still in them… anddd when you’re running on just a handful of functioning brain cells. As hard as it has been not sleeping for 7 months straight, I know our situation could be one thousand times worse so I praise the Lord for that. God has humbled me, refined me, strengthened me, and convicted me more through this season than any other in my life. So, for that, I am thankful.

Eating: Everett started solids when he turned 6 months old so this past month was a fun month of trying new foods! So far he has tried sweet potatoes (his first food), butternut squash, avocados, peas, and pears! He isn’t a fan of the green stuff but loves everything else. I have been making all of his food myself and I really enjoy doing it. I got a Vitamix from my parents last year for my birthday and that thing amazes me with its skills! It gets his food pureed to any texture I want! For the most part, he has been eating 2-3 ounces of food 2 times a day. He still breastfeeds about every 2 hours as well. He definitely doesn’t miss a meal!

Favorites & Other Fun Stuff: He loves sitting up like a big boy, pulling Mommy’s hair (and it hurts!), sitting in his high chair and throwing everything off the sides (ha!), playing in his red car that his great grandparents (Grand-Nanny and Papa) got him for Christmas, trying to crawl, and eating. Oh and he also sat in the grocery buggy like a big boy for the first time this past month. It’s a whole new world now and he loves it! He has also become OBSESSED with Drake this past month. Nothing makes him smile bigger or laugh harder than Drake. My phone is full of precious and hilarious videos of the two of them. I uploaded one to Instagram last night. Everett is very attached to Momma but loves his Daddy like crazy! When Russ gets home from work at night Everett smiles SO big and scrunches up his little nose and gets so excited for Daddy to scoop him up and kiss him all over!

Moments I never want to forget from this month: The way you smile so big and scrunch up your little nose when I look at you and talk to you. The way you love to snuggle and rest your head on my shoulder when you first wake up from your naps. The funny faces you make when trying new foods. The new found love you have for Drakey.  The huge smile you give me when you finish nursing that melts me like nothing else in this world. When Daddy and I pray over you at night. Your morning babbles in the bed.

Oh, and just incase any one thought these monthly photos were easy... here isn an outtake from this past month. This one almost made the cut!

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