Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8 months

Month 7 to 8 has been a BIG month for Everett. He is officially a baby on the move! Here are some highlights from the past month.

Size: He weighs 21 lbs 8 ounces and I am not 100% sure on his height but I think it’s around 29-30 inches. We will get an official measurement again at his 9 month checkup.  He is still in size 4 diapers and still wearing some 9 month onesies, but mainly 12-18 month clothes.

Milestones: I am officially declaring this the month of a million milestones! Holy cow it has been crazy watching him master so many new skills and become mobile! He started wiggling his way around shortly after he turned 7 months and had mastered crawling within about a week and a half. He is such a determined little boy! He pulled up for the first time on July 26th right as we were packing the car to head to Litchfield Beach with the Tomlinson’s and he continued to pull up nonstop while we were there! He was SO proud of himself once he realized he could do it and he literally hasn’t stopped for a single second ever since! Within the first 3 days of learning to pull up he mastered pulling up on the pack-n-play, the bed, his crib, the couch, the bathtub, the dishwasher, and even on a wall! He is so strong it blows my mind. He is seriously the busiest little thing and has to be moving at all times. He might sit in one spot for a few seconds and play with a toy but within a minute or less he has usually taken off to  find something dangerous to pull up on! As much as I try to watch his every move, we have definitely had lots of falls, bumps, and bruises over the past few weeks. Everett also got his first two teeth this past month (two on the bottom). Oh, and perhaps the MOST exciting thing about this past month was Everett said his first word… Dada! He has started babbling and practicing new sounds a lot more this past month. He can recognize so  many words now for example when I say “are you hungry?” he gets SO excited and knows he is about to nurse, ha! I also say “Where is Drakey?” and he looks all around for the dog until he finds him. He can understand so much and it has been so fun to watch him make connections between things and get excited in response! 

Health: I added in this category this month because Everett came down with some yuck that ended up turning into walking pneumonia this month :( What started out as a cold last month turned into a sinus infection, then an upper respiratory infection, and then moved into his lungs and turned into walking pneumonia. We had to put him on two different antibiotics to get rid of the mess. It was so pitiful hearing him so congested and coughing. Broke this momma’s heart! He is all better now and back to his happy healthy self!  Also, we also changed reflux medicine this past month and it has been working SO much better!  The new medicine has made all the difference in the world for him and he is doing so great in regards to reflux… so thankful!

Sleep: Huh, what’s that? Ha! The majority of the month was extremely rough with Everett getting his first two teeth and being so sick, but as he got over being sick he started to sleep a little bit better. He typically still wakes 2-3 times a night and I rock and/or nurse him back to sleep. He is in his crib most nights for the majority of the night and comes to our bed usually around his 3-5am wake up so we can get the most sleep possible. He has been taking 3 naps a day, sometimes 4 if he decides to just take quick little 30 minute cat naps!

Eating: Everett still breastfeeds about every 2 hours and eats 2-3 solid meals (of purees) a day as well. We were on a roll with 3 meals a day until he got really sick and lost his appetite. He was probably nauseous from all the mucous etc. he had plus his medicines upset his tummy pretty bad so we didn’t try a lot of new foods this month. We kept it simple with pears and sweet potatoes for the most part when he would eat. We are looking forward to trying lots of new foods now that his appetite is back!

Favorites & Other Fun Stuff: As I said before, he LOVES crawling all over and pulling up on any and every single thing he can! He also became addicted to a new pacifier this month and has not stopped sucking it ever since! We also finally found a sippy cup that he likes this month. It took a few tries, but he now loves his straw sippy cup. He usually only takes a few sips of water each time but he gets super excited and loves it! He loves giving Mommy kisses (and does it on command now… the sweetest!), watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, singing songs, and being outside. He also really started showing an interest in books this past month. For the last several months he really has just wanted to eat the books, ha! He continues to be obsessed with Drake and loves crawling all over him, pulling his ears, and getting handfuls of hair in his hands (ah!) He also loves playing with his Daddy! Russ coming home each night is still the highlight of our day! He loves being rocked to sleep for his naps and at bedtime and would prefer to sleep on Mommy than in his crib ;-) Oh, and another exciting thing that happened over this past month is that Everett will finally sleep in the car again! He stopped sleeping in the car around 3 months (I think?) and for him to nap in the car again is a total game changer.

Moments I never want to forget from this month: Your first trip to Litchfield (although you aren’t a huge fan of the sand and ocean), visiting Daddy and T-Daddy at work, and watching you become such a busy little boy! The way you light up when you see your Daddy every day. The big smiles you give me when you wake up from a good nap in your crib. How proud you are of yourself when you pull up on something new. All of the wet slobbery kisses you give. Listening to you laugh SO hard with the most precious giggle in all of the world!  

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