Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9 months

Our big boy is as sweet as ever, busy as ever, and so incredibly strong willed. He gives the best kisses in the world, is into EVERYTHING, and has officially learned how to throw a fit! His personality is so big and he is such a happy boy… always smiling and laughs non stop. It’s hard to believe that Everett has now been outside of my tummy longer than he was inside. Time is flying by, just as everyone warned me it would, and I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I will have a O-N-E year old in less than 3 months. That is just crazy! I find myself saying this with each month that passes but I really think that this past month as been my favorite so far. He is just so much fun! Here are some highlights from month 8 to 9!

Size: He weighed 22 lbs 5 ounces at his 9 month checkup. That puts him in the 88th percentile for weight and the 76th percentile for height. His head measured in the 98th percentile. Big head, big brains, right? He is still in size 4 diapers and wearing 12-18 month clothes.

Milestones: To say Everett is a busy little thing would be an understatement. He is constantly on the move!!! He crawls all over the place, pulls up on everything, and mastered standing alone and balancing on his own this past month too. He has taken one or two steps a few times, but he’s not ready to walk quite yet. He does love walking with this walker though! He started pushing it for the first time this month and now speeds when he is standing behind it! He is cruising along the couch, beds, and window seat now AND he can climb all of the stairs. He is cutting FOUR top teeth and one broke through towards the end of the month and boy have those been giving him a fit. He is not a “quick teether” as some babies are… his seem to take their sweet time coming through :( As far as talking, he still just babbles all different sounds including Mama and Dada  mixed in a lot :) He understands so many different phrases and is such a smart boy! Another random fact... his eyes are still blue. I have brown and Russ has green eyes so we figured they might have changed by now but so far they are still blue as can be.

Health: No sickness this month, praise the Lord! I have added a few things back into my diet and he tolerated some of them well and some of them I had to cut back out. I am still dairy, soy, gluten, oat, nut, and egg free (basically, all.the.things. ha!) but I really feel the healthiest I have ever felt and I have learned so much about the nasty stuff I used to put in my body and even when we are finished with our breastfeeding journey I know many of my new eating habits will stick with me. However, I will tell you that I might  will definitely cry tears of joy when I eat my first bowl of ice cream, queso, and have a slice of cheese pizza! Our pediatrician thinks Everett should outgrow his food intolerances by 12 months so we are praying for that. 

Sleep: This has somehow gotten worse… and I didn’t even think that was possible. Yikes! Overall, he sleeps 12 hours… but…  he wakes usually every 2-3 hours. Some nights he is up every 1-2 hours with teething and some nights he will give a few longer stretches but those are few and far between. He always starts out in his crib but then comes to our bed at some point. His naps have been pretty consistent this past month. He takes about an hour to hour and a half nap in the morning. Another hour nap in the early afternoon, and a 30-40 minute nap in the late afternoon. Some days (rarely) he will take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and then he usually skips that last cat nap if so. We wouldn’t be surviving these sleepless times without my momma. She comes to the rescue on days when I am too tired to function and I am beyond thankful for her help. Everett is literally obsessed with his Lolly so he LOVES when she comes over to play.

Eating: Everett still nurses on demand which is typically about every 2-3 hours but sometimes its every hour if he is teething and wants to comfort nurse to fall asleep for a nap or something. He also eats 3 solid meals (of purees) a day as well. His favorites this month are bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Favorites & Other Fun Stuff:  Like I mentioned before, Everett is into everythinggg! While he has a million toys of all shapes and sizes (that light up, sing songs, and all sorts of neat things) his favorite things to play with include: my phone, our iPhone chargers (and/or any cord he can get his hands on), Drake’s dog food bowl, all knobs, door stoppers, magazines, empty water bottles, and Tupperware. I don’t even know why we bother buying toys, ha! Obviously a few of those things he isn’t allowed to play with so we have had to start baby proofing the house. He still loves his Avent pacis (but usually only for going to sleep now). His favorite thing in the world is probably Drake. He loves books, especially Brown Bear, Brown Bear and all of his touch and feel books. He gets soooo excited when he sees his sippy cup and he loves drinking a few ounces of water from it throughout the day. He loves playing peekaboo and laughs so hard each time. He is learning how to clap and has done it a few times but doesn’t have it mastered quite yet. We are also still working on waving bye bye.  He is still very attached to Mommy but is crazy about his Daddy too. When Russ walks in the door each night Everett practically leaps out of my arms to get to Daddy! We have been going on stroller walks around the neighborhood on nights where it isn’t ridiculous hot or humid and it’s our absolute favorite time of the day. Everett loves being outside and it usually relaxes him after dinner before his bath and bedtime. Russ built him a little swing set a few weeks ago and he absolutely LOVES to swing. He could probably swing for an hour if it wasn’t so dang hot outside! We are very ready for fall weather!

Moments I never want to forget from this month: Sweet boy, you are my greatest joy. Even though we have some tough days/nights with our sleep struggles, I wouldn’t trade the hours spent rocking you, the snuggles in our bed, and nursing you back to sleep for anything in the world. I know that these times will be gone before I know it and I want to soak up every ounce of you while you are still my baby. Well, actually, you will always be my baby : ) I don’t ever want to forget the way you try to stall your naps by standing up in my lap and kissing me on the mouth! It makes me laugh every single time and it also melts my heart. You are such a smart and strong willed boy and you sure do know how to fight a nap when you want to. You are so determined and you don’t want to miss out on anything! I love the way you adore your Daddy and how you have to find the button on his shirt every morning and every night when he gets home. You are so curious and always exploring. I pray that you never stop exploring as long as you live. I pray that your strong spirit and determination are used to glorify the Lord one day. I can already see specific traits and characteristics forming that God gifted you with and I am confident that He is going to do mighty things through your life. Everett, you are my little warrior boy… strong, mighty, and brave. I love you with all that I am!

The sweetest smile in all the land!
"Ok Mom, I've had enough with the pictures already..."
He is so proud... such a big boy!!
Anddd... he's off!

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