Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11 months

We are just 11 days away from Everett turning the big O-N-E so I figured I better get month 10-11 posted before its too late! I started this a few weeks ago but just had time to get the words on this picture today. So here is month 10-11 :)

Size: He weighs a little over 24 pounds 5 ounces and  I’m not sure on his height but I think around 30ish inches. Still in size 4 diapers and wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes which some 18-24 month stuff.

Milestones: A week after he turned 10 months old he took off! We officially have a full time walker on our hands! I thought he might still prefer crawling for a few weeks or months but as soon as he learned he could walk, he really never turned back. He walks everywhere and loves walking around outside in the grass and all over the house! He got 2 more teeth this month (on the top) so he now has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. As far as talking, he mostly still says “dada” all the time, but also says mama, and “Dede” for Drake. We call our black lab Drakey and Everett LOVES his “dede” more than anything. He also loves throwing his hands up in a touchdown motion and saying “dooowwwwn.” It’s the cutest.

Health:  Big, healthy, and happy boy, no sickness from 10-11 months.  

Sleep: I sometimes struggle a bit with sharing about sleep because I really just like to record this for personal reference to go back and look but I realize people besides myself read this blog, therefore writing about our sleep situation often brings upon unsolicited sleep advice ;) I realize others just want to help, but also realizing that every baby is different and what works for one child will most likely not work for the next is crucial when it comes to the topic of sleep.  With that said, I honestly didn’t think we would still be in the place we are with sleep at 11 months, but our sweet boy is just not a great sleeper. He hasn’t slept through the night since he was 5.5 months old and he only did that for 3 nights back then. I don’t say that to complain, just to document. (Although I am most definitely guilty of complaining about sleep stuff, ha!)  He sleeps 12 hours at night but still wakes several times. He has been giving some 3 and 4 hours stretches though which is an improvement from the last few months. He officially dropped his third nap and has taken just 2 naps a day this past month. He naps in the morning between 1 and 2 hours and later in the afternoon for about hour usually.

Eating: He is still nursing throughout the day which is usually every 2-4 hours. He is still loving finger foods and has eaten a few pureed things from pouches that I have made as well as a couple store bought ones. His favorite foods this past month include: black beans (he could eat an entire can- they are his favorite food hands down), puffs, bananas, carrots, brown rice pasta, pears, prunes, peaches, green peas, and spinach!

Favorites & Other Fun Stuff:  Drake is still Everett’s favorite thing in the world. There have been a handful of times this past month when he actually started crying/throwing a small fit  when we went upstairs to take a bath or change his diaper and left Drake downstairs. He laughs and smiles so big and wants to walk around and play with Drake all the time. Reading books is another favorite. He loves being rocked to sleep and became attached to a blankie this month and it is the sweetest thing ever. He still loves riding in his stroller, singing songs, drinking from straws, playing with Daddy, going to his grandparent’s houses, and making the biggest mess he can with all of his toys 

Moments I never want to forget from this month: This past month has definitely been one for the books as you officially became a walker and have now been able to explore the world in a whole new way! You are so curious about everything and love exploring everywhere you can. You are such a happy baby and you bring us indescribable joy! We cannot believe a whole year has almost passed since we first met you, but we hardly remember what life was like before you! You have the sweetest little soul, a very determined spirit, and are always full of energy and giggles. We praise Jesus for all He has taught us about His love and His goodness through the past 11 months as your Mommy and Daddy. You are loved more than you could ever know, precious angel.

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