Saturday, December 6, 2014

12 months

I never got around to posting Everett's 1 year update... and now I am writing this and it is JULY and he is almost 20 months. Major mom fail!!! (I discovered I can change the date of my posts so I can still have them all in order for documentation sake... woohoo!) Anyways, with Thanksgiving and Christmas and his 1st birthday sandwiched in between those two, I fell of the blogging bandwagon! We did take this picture on time and record his weight, height, and favorites... so at least I have that!

As far as milestones... Everett was walking all over the place (and even running some) at his first birthday party.  He got a really yucky and scary sickness around 11.5 months. He ran 103.5+ fever and was just so so sick and lethargic. He had to have his blood drawn several times and his white counts were really low, which was a concern. Praise Jesus it just ended up being roseola, and the rash that is usually the diagnosing factor in that, just came super late for him and was not that prominent. Overall he was sick for 10 days and it was absolutely heartbreaking!

We started weaning very slowly around 12.5-13 months. Up until then, he was still nursing every 2-4 hours during the day and through out the night as needed. I started by dropping his feedings in the night (it was hard for the first night, but then he did just fine taking his paci and going back to sleep). Then I slowly dropped a nursing session every few days until we were just nursing at night before bed and first thing in the morning. Our last nursing session was just shy of Everett turning 14 months. It was such a bittersweet time. I cherished those times more than anything, and I hated for them to come to an end, but on the other hand... it was so nice to be able to eat like a normal person again! I had not eaten at a restaurant (besides Chickfila french fries and Chipotle) since Everett was 5 weeks old... so for over a year, and it was so exciting to be able to be normal again and enjoy all of my favorite things that I missed so much :) However, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat for my sweet boy.

I can't believe I didn't do an official more detailed post like the others for his big 1 year update, but this will have to do! What an amazing year it was... Everett, you are our greatest joy!

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