The Love Laundry Story


What in the world does Love Laundry mean? Does this girl really love doing laundry? That’s weird. Well, laundry isn't my passion or anything, however, the Lord spoke to me in a really cool way a few months ago while I was grumpily doing laundry and did a big work on my heart. Here is the story…

Let me first start out by saying that after having lived in a third world country for several months I should be the LAST person to ever complain about doing laundry. Hand washing and line drying my clothes in Uganda should have been more than enough to make me appreciate laundry in America for the rest of my life. However, I have a lot of sin in this ugly heart of mine and I far too quickly forget how fortunate I am. Instead of seeing my abundant supply of clothes and Craigslist washer and dryer as blessings, I felt quite the opposite.

When Russ and I got married I immediately became overwhelmed with the amount of laundry that two people could possibly accumulate. Add in a few loads of towels & sheets and I was not the happiest little newlywed wife. I used to think about how wonderful this aspect of married life would be… “Oh, I cannot wait to do my sweet hubby’s laundry and serve him so selflessly in that way.” Ummm, not so much. My naïve heart grew bitter very fast. I know this might sound a little extreme, but I quickly began to despise laundry. I had such a bad attitude about it and would roll my eyes as the piles grew bigger.  I know when we have a house full of children I will laugh at my newlywed self that thought I was “drowning” in laundry, but really, that’s how I felt.

So, one day as I was pouting and folding Russ’s pants and trying to find the matches to his 5,000 pairs of white socks, the Lord hit me with some much needed Truth. He began to convict me and reveal the ugly condition of my heart. He showed me that I need to turn my complaining into thankfulness and let my bitterness be transformed into a blessing. There are very few times in my life where I feel like I hear God SO clearly, and this was definitely one of those times. The Holy Spirit led me to repentance and then immediately to prayer. I can assure you this was the Lord because I don't normally feel led to pray the armor of God over my husband’s underwear. The Lord kept laying different scripture on my heart, and with each article of clothing I would fold, I would pray blessings over Russ. I began thanking the Lord for my husband and the gift of marriage as I matched his socks. I prayed wisdom and favor over his t shirts, and protection and peace over his khakis. It felt a little weird at first, but I felt confident that the Lord was doing something huge so I just went with it.

Fast forward a year into our marriage... sometimes I forget to pray and sometimes I am in a hurry and rush through it, but when I remember how God radically changed my heart that day I try to slow down and make that a time of purpose and prayer for my husband and our marriage. I rejoice in the fact that I learned how to better serve and love my husband through something as simple as laundry. I love when God uses such tangible ways to teach us things… how to turn a physical chore into a spiritual one.

Now that we have a little one on the way, I am hoping to approach the baby’s laundry with the same heart. I hope to wash blankets and bibs with a cheerful heart and pray blessings over the baby as I fold a million onesies. It is my prayer that I will remember to praise God for the gift of a child and use my mommy task as a time for adoration and thanksgiving to my faithful Father. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, or have 10 children… I think I can speak for most women when I say that laundry is often times approached with more dread than delight. Maybe you will join me? Let’s learn to bless our souls and the ones we love in our homes through something I affectionately like to call “Love Laundry.”

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